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What is Eatels?

Eatels is the UK's first and only accommodation booking site that specialises not only in organising your sleeping arrangements but also your dining arrangements too.

Each hand-picked property, whether a 5 star hotel, simple inn or even a tree house in the grounds of a country estate must offer a good eating experience. This could be a sumptuous dinner in a 3 Michelin starred restaurant or a homely supper cooked by the B&B owner, they are all here on our website. We have even included properties which can be privately hired, along with a personal chef! This will make your life easier and take away the stresses of finding somewhere to eat, whether you are a stressed business guest, weary leisure traveller or group of friends looking for a party venue.

In short we are just as much about the restaurant as we are about the hotel - EAT(hot)EL..!

Who are we?

We are Richard & Vanessa and we started Eatels after the experience of owning a small boutique hotel, knowing there was huge demand for properties that offered both good food and excellent sleeping accommodation. Having been on both sides of the fence, as hoteliers and keen travellers we aim to offer our clients a high quality experience, fast booking system and exceptional customer service.

The Website Design

This website has been meticulously designed to make the whole booking process simple, pleasurable and quick to use. We have the best photos along with comprehensive descriptions of hotel bedrooms and restaurants. We also supply tourist info with our own ‘Top Ten unusual things to do’ in the area you choose to stay in, something nobody else does!

If you have any ideas about making our site better or easier to use then please let us know. We can only improve with your help!

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