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Best price guarantee

Our Best Price Guarantee:

We are convinced that you will not find your hotel cheaper anywhere else but if you do, we will refund the difference. That’s our Best Price Guarantee and it’s just one of the ways we help you find the perfect hotel for the best possible price. So if you find an accommodation rate, which is identical in every regard, on another website at a lower price we will match the rate of the other deal just as long as the following important conditions are met.

1 You contact EATelswithin 24 hours after making a reservation with us. You will need to provide all the details of the competitor offer including a link to the deal and exact price and conditions of their offer.

2 The other competitor deal is subject to exactly the same booking conditions you have chosen with EATels. This will include the same property, check-in and check-out dates, room conditions, booking and cancellation terms etc. All pricing must be quoted in the same currency and without the use of a currency convertor.

3 The other competitor deal is bookable online and still available when we check

The following do not count

1, The hotels own website rates

2, Anything below £1 (or equivalent in local currency) is not eligible.

3, Cancelled bookings.

4, Prices as part of a package.

5, Prices quoted on websites that can't confirm the reservation and accept payment (e.g. websites that link to 3rd party website)

6,Specially negotiated rates (such as staff, corporate or membership rates and rates that are not open to the non subscribing members of the general public)

7, Unauthorised re-sellers or agents (e.g. eBay) or rates offered under promotion with a third party.

8, Bookings made with the use of a reward voucher or coupon.

9, Rates that are lower due to a mistake by the hotel.

10,Any reservations made at the same property on consecutive nights.

How to claim:

Please contact us at for a claim form